I can remember always having a camera with me from the time I was young. I loved capturing the moments I was living. I knew it would always be important for me to look back on my life and not only see my memories but truly feel them. I think that is why photography found me. It is true of me that you can find me most of the time with a camera in my hands. My friends and family understand that fully. I am grateful to capture and document the real moments of our lives. That is why my photography won't always be the "perfect" everyone looking at the camera pictures. I live for the moments when my clients forget I'm even there and just be. My daddy made me appreciate those kind of moments. His passing made me even more passionate about my photography. Grandparent pictures are one of my favorites! To see generation after generation and the love that lives forever honestly touches my soul. I would be honored to capture your memories for you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives. I hope my photography will allow you to always feel the moments you live.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rockin Janes Family..

I can't believe we have known each other almost our entire lives. I can't believe we have both been married almost 15 years! I can't believe your kids are so old! I can't believe how old we both're younger (i know, I know). I am so happy I got to do this shoot for you. I love you and your entire family. always.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Could you possibly know how much I love that smile? Could you possibly know how much I love that you love pink? Could you possibly know that you light up my day? Could you possibly know that I thank God everyday that He gave you to me? Could you possibly know I will love you for the rest of my life?

Monday, September 19, 2011

we remember...

This day we remember. We remember for all those families who have lost a loved one to Alzheimer's disease. We remember for our dad. We remember for our mom...his wife. We remember for our children. We will miss you forever but we will never forget. We walk to end Alzheimer's disease. Daddy...I miss your laugh. I miss your sense of humor that made us laugh. I miss your zeal for life. I miss your excitement for the lottery. I miss your love for coffee and breakfast. I miss seeing you hold mom's hand or the way your hand always went to her back as you walked into a room. I miss the way you looked at her. I miss the way you always danced with me in the kitchen. I miss how you called me darlin...I miss your voice. I miss seeing you with my kids. I miss that you never met Dudley. I miss how you could make any situation ok. I miss the goodness that you bestowed on everyone you met. I miss your pranks. I miss the way your wedding ring and your dads ring clanged together and made that noise. I miss seeing you run everywhere. I miss your love for snickers. I miss the way you would do anything for jeremy and I. I miss the way you loved me. I miss you.
I love you and will keep you in my heart forever.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 you have grown...

Happy 1st Birthday Knox Carter. I just adore your sweet family and you! I was so excited for mommy to have you last summer and just look at you now! You are one!!! You are beautiful!! You are a blessing!! You are loved!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world sweet baby Zachary. I was so happy to get to come over and take some photos of this brand new baby. What a beautiful family he is joining. Just look at all those sisters! :) Congrats Pierce family....xoxo


Stunning. You are stunning. Your spirit is just as beautiful. I am so excited to do all four seasons of your senior year. I hope you enjoy every moment. Blessings to you...sweet Karlee!

You changed me.....

8 years ago you changed me. you made me a mommy. you made dad a daddy. you made us a family of 3. you are beautiful, my jude. you are so full of life. you still love running, climbing trees, getting dirty, jumping, riding your bike...really you just love to move. everyday i am still amazed by your energy and everyday your mind inspires me. please know i love you with all my heart. happy 8th little rocket racer.