I can remember always having a camera with me from the time I was young. I loved capturing the moments I was living. I knew it would always be important for me to look back on my life and not only see my memories but truly feel them. I think that is why photography found me. It is true of me that you can find me most of the time with a camera in my hands. My friends and family understand that fully. I am grateful to capture and document the real moments of our lives. That is why my photography won't always be the "perfect" everyone looking at the camera pictures. I live for the moments when my clients forget I'm even there and just be. My daddy made me appreciate those kind of moments. His passing made me even more passionate about my photography. Grandparent pictures are one of my favorites! To see generation after generation and the love that lives forever honestly touches my soul. I would be honored to capture your memories for you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives. I hope my photography will allow you to always feel the moments you live.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

15 years...

We just celebrated 15 years of marriage.  If you told me when I was 16 I would marry you.... I would have said... Yep!  I knew the moment I saw you that I was in love.  I still remember the moment you walked by the lockers before class started.... you were so cute.  I remember the tip I gave you taking my groceries out to the car.  I remember our first date 18 years ago.  I remember all the dates we took with your younger brothers and sister.  I remember summers swimming in the red mud pond.  I remember high school graduations.  I remember how excited and nervous I was the morning of our wedding.  I remember all our college years.  I remember how proud I was of you seeing you in the college cap and gown.  I remember every moment spent together on the east coast.  I remember all of our adventures.  I remember the moment you came home from work and I told you we were having a baby.  I remember the moment I told you we were having another baby (and you had to sit down.) I remember how you held my hand at my daddy's funeral.  I remember how much you loved my daddy.   I remember the moment I knew I needed to listen to you and move to the city.  I remember the moment on the porch when I knew we made the right decision.  I remember the moment I told you we were having yet another baby (5 and 1/2 years after our last.)  I remember all the nights we've been awake from sick or over tired kids.  I remember every moment you've chosen me.  Thank you for sharing this life with me.  If I grow old and can't remember this blessed life...full of love.. that you have provided for me... remember for me.   You are my forever. 

mommy day

thank you to my little family.  you have made me a mommy.  you have made me laugh.  you have made me cry.  you've made me happy.  you have made me tired.  you've made me run.  you have made me read.  you have made me excited.  you've made me proud.  you've made me patient.  you've made me impatient.  you've made me want to be a better human.  you've made me appreciate every moment.  i love you with everything i am.  i will always be your biggest cheerleaders, your protector, your place to run.  i will always be here for you.  thank you for making me a mommy.  my heart is yours.