I can remember always having a camera with me from the time I was young. I loved capturing the moments I was living. I knew it would always be important for me to look back on my life and not only see my memories but truly feel them. I think that is why photography found me. It is true of me that you can find me most of the time with a camera in my hands. My friends and family understand that fully. I am grateful to capture and document the real moments of our lives. That is why my photography won't always be the "perfect" everyone looking at the camera pictures. I live for the moments when my clients forget I'm even there and just be. My daddy made me appreciate those kind of moments. His passing made me even more passionate about my photography. Grandparent pictures are one of my favorites! To see generation after generation and the love that lives forever honestly touches my soul. I would be honored to capture your memories for you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives. I hope my photography will allow you to always feel the moments you live.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

october 21st.

i can't go to bed without telling the first love of my life.. happy birthday.  you would be 84 today.  i can't even imagine that.  it sounds old.  but you were never old.  you had the most energy of any person i knew.  and always full of hope.  even if today was a good day, tomorrow would be better.  october is so full of you.  maybe that is why it is my very favorite month.  i have faith that you are having an incredible day.  seeing the most amazing things.  being loved by all the ones who went before you.  while you are there waiting on us... i know that you know we think of you everyday.  you are always in my heart.  always will be.  you are missed.

happy birthday my daddy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


as i left for my walk this morning.. i looked up and there it was.  it was so close i thought i could touch it.  it was for me today.  only me.  it was telling me.... it's going to be ok.

it was an airplane.

one of the many my daddy flew.

i woke up full of sadness.  wishing that daddy was here with us today.  wishing that he could continue his life with my mama... the love of his life.  wishing that he was here to see how incredible my sister and her kids are.  wishing he could see the life scott and mary have made and how hard they work.  wishing he could see all that billy has done in his life and how determined he is... (exactly like daddy himself).  wishing he could see what all jeremy has created.  wishing he could see how jude has his sense of humor and isabella has his heart.  wishing he could meet sweet and ornery dudley... he would just laugh and laugh at him.  wishing he could see that everyday i remember everything he taught me about life.  i just woke up with tears.

after all.... it has happened.  i can't even remember the sound of his voice.

six years ago we said goodbye.  goodbye to the pain of alzheimer's we all had endured.  but also.. goodbye to you.  in a whole lifetime i couldn't imagine what that was going to be like.

then.. the airplane.  i just couldn't be sad.  i was just so thankful.  so overwhelmed with thankfulness.  

today i am going to choose to be thankful.  i am going to choose joy.  today i am going to remember my daddy and his unbelievable life.