I can remember always having a camera with me from the time I was young. I loved capturing the moments I was living. I knew it would always be important for me to look back on my life and not only see my memories but truly feel them. I think that is why photography found me. It is true of me that you can find me most of the time with a camera in my hands. My friends and family understand that fully. I am grateful to capture and document the real moments of our lives. That is why my photography won't always be the "perfect" everyone looking at the camera pictures. I live for the moments when my clients forget I'm even there and just be. My daddy made me appreciate those kind of moments. His passing made me even more passionate about my photography. Grandparent pictures are one of my favorites! To see generation after generation and the love that lives forever honestly touches my soul. I would be honored to capture your memories for you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives. I hope my photography will allow you to always feel the moments you live.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jude Samuel Gardner.  I can't believe you are TEN YEARS OLD!!!!!!!  How??  Sometimes... it seriously makes me cry.  Actual tears.  But then I think of how blessed I am that you have been mine for ten years.  You are such an amazing kid.  You surprise me everyday with how smart you are.. smarty pants.  You take after your daddy in that area!!  You don't surprise me with how kind you are... you have always been that way.  You have a heart for people.  That is my favorite thing about you.  You love to read, run, create, play outside and so much more!  You bless our family everyday and I pray that you always let God guide you.  I know you have amazing things in store for your life.  You are a beautiful child and I love you with my whole heart.

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